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Clinical Services Manager (Children’s Services)

North of Superior Counselling Programs

Posting No.
NU22-03 (Non-Union)

The Clinical Services Manager (CSM) is an active contributing member of the Leadership Team of North of Superior Counselling Programs (NOSP) and reports directly to the Executive Director. The CSM provides direction, supervision and leadership for inter-disciplinary staff across the agency, with the goal of supporting staff for success within their respective roles. The CSM has the additional responsibility of participating in and taking an active role in program planning, management and evaluation and engaging in cross-sectoral and broader community relationships/partnerships with the goal of facilitating the delivery of efficient, evidence-based and quality programs and services for individuals, families and communities across the District of Thunder Bay. In doing so, the CSM is expected to work in alignment with NOSP funding agreements and agency policy and procedure and within a Recovery Framework.

This CSM position is responsible for leadership of the Children’s Services team and back-up coverage of Adult Services, as required, District-wide.

Core Competencies
• Recovery focused and person- centered orientation
• Effective planning, organizational and time management skills
• Mindful and self-reflective
• Critical thinking skills
• Adaptable and flexible
• Excellent communication skills
• Accountable and dependable
• Sound decision-making skills
• Strategically and operationally oriented
• Partnership development and relationship building skills
• Confident and competent in working with a variety of IT platforms and technology
• Ability to work both independently and within a team
• Exceptional leadership skills
• Sound clinical acumen
• Creative and innovative
• Resourceful

Job Duties and Responsibilities
Management and Administrative Responsibilities:
• Participate as a collaborative member of the Leadership Team in program planning, management and evaluation, ensuring programs are developed, rolled out, delivered and managed in alignment with agency funding agreements, in keeping with evidence-based practice, utilizing a LEAN framework and within a Recovery framework.
• Support and manage programs and partnerships in alignment with agency accountabilities, including funding contracts, Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), Project Charters, etc.
• Represent NOSP on community Committees and Networks and participate in various community initiatives as assigned by the Executive Director and/or agreed upon by the Leadership Team.
• Gain and maintain an understanding of presenting issues within the community for which this position is site and regional lead, and the presenting issues as they influence the programs and services delivered across the District by NOSP, and communicate and strategize around the same to the Leadership Team in an ongoing manner.
• In collaboration with the Executive Director and broader Leadership Team, respond to compliments, concerns and complaints from the community.
• Respond to and document in a timely manner, serious occurrences, imminent risk concerns and in-house incidents and forward the same to the Executive Director.
• Monitor, collect, analyse and submit data, bringing forward concerns, opportunities and/or recommendations, resulting from the same, to the Leadership Team.
• Participate in the development of an annual, individualized work plan, supporting NOSP’s annual operating plan which, in turn, supports NOSP’s strategic plan.
• Develop a District-wide travel schedule, collaboratively with the Leadership Team, to ensure personal presence across all sites on a routinely scheduled basis.
• Manage after-hour on-call responsibilities, on a rotating basis with membership of the Leadership Team, supporting EASE staff and volunteers working/volunteering evenings and weekends.
• Be available via cell phone, one hour prior to start of agency opening and until agency close, to address any issues arising around shift coverage/absences, programs and services, etc.
• Provide coverage for members of the Leadership Team during their absence.
• Maintain regular communication with the Executive Director around activities of the agency.
• Participate in the recruitment of new staff and provide leadership for new-staff onboarding and agency and position orientation.
• Roll-out new and/or updated policies and procedures, educate staff around the same and manage in accordance with the same.
• Participate in accreditation activities and maintenance.
• Participate in research and program evaluation projects within the agency.
• Participate in NOSP Committees and Working Groups, as assigned by the Executive Director or collaboratively agreed upon by the Leadership Team.
• Provide site management for physical sites as assigned by the Executive Director.
• Attend and actively participate in scheduled Leadership meetings.
• Participate in scheduled once-monthly supervision meetings with the Executive Director.
• Develop personal goals for continued learning and engage in ongoing development and self-evaluation.
• Be receptive to receiving and open to providing constructive and timely feedback to the Executive Director and members of the Leadership Team around their performance with the goal of supporting for individual success within their respective roles and with a view of ensuring sound leadership within NOSP, staff wellness and workplace satisfaction and organizational success, all of which ultimately contributes to the ability of NOSP to effectively meet the needs of individuals, families and community.

Clinical Responsibilities:
• Provide the necessary leadership to support staff for success within their roles.
• Facilitate regularly scheduled 1-1 Supervision/Clinical Supervision meetings with direct reports.
• Lead the formal performance enhancement process for individual staff.
• Facilitate regular file audits in keeping with NOSP policy and with the view of supporting clinical practice and achievement of clinical excellence and compliance with recognized standards.
• Facilitate regularly scheduled team and/or program meetings, etc., ensuring that staff are informed and current around agency and program changes, performance expectations and other agenda items intended to support staff within their roles.
• Support staff in the understanding of and delivery of evidence-based practice within their specific roles.
• Provide clinical support and guidance for staff, as required, when challenging clinical issues arise for which the same is required.
• Be available via phone, text, e-mail or in-person for staff during regular business hours, so as to ensure timely support for staff as required.
• Provide training and coaching for staff as new processes are implemented and be receptive to receiving and responding to feedback around the same.
• Monitor demand for programs and services and corresponding waitlists, balancing demand with existing workload pressures of staff and service delivery practices, and supporting staff and teams with workload pressures while concurrently ensuring the timely delivery of services.
• Support staff with individual learning and development goals.
• In collaboration with the Leadership Team, seek out and organize training opportunities for staff and/or teams as required and/or identified as being beneficial within their roles.
• Ensure availability to address client complaints and to facilitate mediation of the same.
• Maintain confidentiality and work in a manner consistent with ethical guidelines of the Ontario College of Social Workers & Social Service Workers or applicable College.
• Provide leadership for student placements from Colleges and Universities and support the clinical supervision of the same, collaboratively with assigned staff.

Occupational Health and Safety:
• Follow, and manage for compliance, all NOSP policies and procedures to ensure personal safety and safety of others.
• Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the OHSA, legislative changes and updates as they relate to OHS and NOSP’s Risk Management Plan.
• Following the principles of the Internal Responsibility System (IRS), respond to reports of any observed health and safety risks and/or report the same to the Executive Director.
• Participate as a Management lead in NOSP’s OHS Committee and/or support roll-out of Committee recommendations across the agency if not an active member of the Committee.

Additional duties as required to support the effective operation of NOSP and related delivery of services to individuals and families across the District of Thunder Bay.

• Membership in a Regulated Profession consistent with a bachelor’s level of post-secondary education or greater; Social Worker (BSW/MSW with RSW); RN (CPMHN(C)); MA Counselling Psychology or equivalent (CRPO); in good standing.
• A preference of at least five (5) years’ experience working in a mental health and/or addiction agency which provides clinical interventions for individuals and families.
• A preference of at least three (3) years in a team lead, management or alternative leadership role.
• Knowledge of and experience working within a unionized environment.
• Experience in evidence-based program development, management and evaluation.
• Knowledge of and experience delivering and/or managing for evidence-based practice/clinical practice as it relates to mental health across the lifespan.
• Sound clinical acumen.
• Clear understanding of scope of practice as it relates to the positions being supervised and in keeping with the applicable Regulatory College.
• Demonstrated commitment to valuing diversity and contributing to an inclusive working and learning environment.
• An understanding of the impacts of intergenerational trauma in the Indigenous community and a sound understanding of culturally relevant approaches in service delivery.
• An understanding of the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and the ability to effectively apply privacy practices within the clinical setting and within a rural living context.
• Working knowledge of the DSM V.
• Familiarity with and/or training in CBT, DBT, Trauma Informed Care and/or Mindfulness Practice.
• Familiarity with the GAIN Q3 is considered an asset.
• Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is considered an asset.
• LEAN/LEAN Six Sigma training is considered an asset.
• Extremely organized and able to multi-task several competing priorities at any given time.
• Demonstrated ability to work both independently and collaboratively.
• Advanced skills in oral and written communication.
• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and confidence in utilizing other clinical databases and/or platforms (e.g., EMHWare, DATIS, CATALYST, etc.).
• A valid Ontario Driver’s Licence and the use of a privately-owned vehicle and appropriate insurance coverage.
• Ability to travel across the District of Thunder Bay and/or out-of-District communities, as required.
• Ability to participate in an after-hours on-call rotation, evenings and weekends.
• Ability to speak French is considered an asset.
• This position may require working flexible hours contingent upon site, program, agency or community need.

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and current resume to the attention of Evan Speziale, via referencing the Posting No. found at the top of this posting.

This position will remain posted until filled.

***This is an equal opportunity position***

In order to ensure equal opportunity during the recruitment and selection process, NOSP provides accommodations for applicants with disabilities upon request.

To apply for this job email your details to

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