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Gender and Sexual Diversity Certified 

Northwest Employment Works is delighted to announce that it has received certification for Gender and Sexual Diversity from the Rainbow Collective of Thunder Bay. You can find a comprehensive list of all certified businesses and organizations by visiting

We are committed to providing support to individuals in a manner that fosters inclusivity and diversity. To this end, we have adopted several practices, including:

1. Providing a safe and welcoming environment free from discrimination based on sexuality, sex or gender diversity
2. Taking a client-centric approach that factors in the social determinants that can impact the well-being of 2SLGBTIQ+ individuals
3. Respecting the privacy of our clients by holding all their information in strict confidence
4. Offering our pronouns first when meeting with clients for the first time
5. Using gender-neutral language
6. Respecting pronouns and preferred names
7. Sharing our pronouns in our email signature
8. Making appropriate referrals and providing resources to create a network of support for our clients
9. Engaging in team discussions and pursuing ongoing training opportunities
10. Announcing our Gender and Sexual Diversity certification on our website
11. Providing a public gender-neutral bathroom
12. Displaying the Rainbow Collective of Thunder Bay GSD Certified sticker on our front door and in our Employment Resource Centre


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